Speak Climate Fluently according to UNDP

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today. Scientists and experts have been warning of the threat for years, but the complex and technical nature of climate science makes it difficult for the general public to fully grasp the scale of the problem. Recognising the need to bridge this gap between science and society, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has developed the "Climate Dictionary". This innovative initiative aims to provide an everyday guide to understanding climate change that is accessible and understandable to individuals from different backgrounds and levels of expertise.


"The Climate Dictionary" is based on the fundamental belief that knowledge is power. Empowering people with the information they need to understand climate change is key to driving action and collective responsibility. Climate change is not a distant, abstract concept - it affects us all, and everyone should have the opportunity to fully understand it. One of the challenges in communicating about climate change is the abundance of complex scientific jargon that often accompanies the topic, leaving many individuals feeling overwhelmed. "The Climate Dictionary" aims to demystify these terms and concepts by breaking them down into easily understandable explanations.

The Climate Dictionary is characterised by its creative communication approach. Rather than relying solely on text, this initiative uses a combination of compelling visuals, concise explanations and engaging storytelling to communicate complex climate concepts. It uses infographics, illustrations and real-world examples to make information not only understandable but also visually appealing.

Source: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2023.  https://www.undp.org/publications/climate-dictionary